December: A River of Royal Blood

When I was younger, I used to go through my dad’s dozen or so crates of old papers where he kept photographs, baseball cards, and old paintings/drawings that he and my grandpa did. I’m not quite as skilled with pencils or charcoal as they are, but I like to think my painting is alright! That being said, bullet journaling is a fairly new hobby for Lauren and I, and we’d like to use this page to share our book-inspired journal themes with you all!

This month’s inspiration was the first book I reviewed for Love Yo Shelf, A River of Royal Blood by Amanda Joy.

Something about royal blood was so vivid to me, and it translated into a red river with streams of gold. While I imagined a darker red in my head, I figure blood in water is more of a pink???

This second attempt at the watercolors went a lot better and was closer to the red I had imagined. Originally, the red and gold paint splatters weren’t there, but I accidentally smudged a bit of paint at the bottom and just rolled with it!

There are no mistakes, just happy accidents. – Bob Ross

Power will always inspire fear.

Ah, my favorite of the month. December was pretty slow overall because of winter break, and I hardly touch my journal during breaks, but this spread I was particularly proud of.

Finally, on my third attempt, I got the shade of red I’d been wanting and c’mon, do you see that gold??

Power has found a home in me.

Since Lauren and I have our bullet journal themes planned out for at least the next six months, there are more of these to come. We’re so excited to share our favorite books in yet another form, so we hope you enjoy. I’m definitely looking forward to growing as a creative.

If there are any book aesthetics you’d wanna see via bullet journal, let us know in the comments!

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