January: Everything and Nothing

One of the last books I read in 2019 was Descendant of the Crane, and I absolutely loved it, and couldn’t wait to use it as inspiration for the first of my 2020 spreads. I think with all of the plot twists in DOTC (and 2019), I really wanted to bring that into the new year and start off with a book that reminded me how important it is to stay grounded and roll with the punches – and sometimes, throw a few back.

For most of my spreads, I do a full two-page calendar just because it helps me see things all at once, and I have ample space to add all my important events for the month.

Y’all, I lowkey peaked with this first crane. Between the crane and the flowers (the same ones on the cover of DOTC), I was SO EXCITED when I saw how well this turned out.

I normally do smaller “to do” lists in the leftover spaces on the side but I couldn’t bring myself to not fill the page with cranes instead. Drawing the flowers was such a welcome distraction in classes or from homework, and I think I got a little carried away tbh.

There was so much obscurity and oblivion this book, so obviously, I loved it. Anyone who knows me knows I could talk about the truths of the universe for hours.

The last of January’s spreads was very bittersweet. After four weeks of the flowers (and the line details in the petals), I was a bit sick of them, but I was also kinda sad about saying goodbye to the minimalist watercoloring.

I realize this is a bit late (not to mention the photos are uh, shall we say, dimly lit) but this month has been hectic, and there are many things I’m excited to announce soon so keep an eye out. As Lauren said, these posts are a work in progress, which also goes to say that feedback means a lot! Let us know if you like these/what you wanna see more of.

Oh how time flies (ba dum tss). Until next month!

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