March: The Poppy War

It truly is the month of madness. With all of this going on, I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that my bullet journal inspiration for this month was the one and only The Poppy War.

Image result for the poppy war book

If you haven’t read The Poppy War, or either of our “favorite reads” posts, let this be your introduction to one of my favorite books of all time. The writing is beautiful, and the characters are so spectacularly complex that I honestly can’t help but recommend it to anyone who’ll listen. This month especially has left me feeling angry and upset and scared, and I think this book was a much-appreciated story of the raw truth of those feelings. That being said, enjoy my visual representation of beauty and abstraction and burning edges.

It’s nothing new that I love the full calendar layout. It’s simple, yet it still helps me see the month ahead. My habits page got a bit more abstract with the painting just because I got kind of bored with coloring inside the lines. Besides, the abstract painting just works.

I’m just gonna tell y’all now, this month was one of my favorites to do. I know I say that every month, but since it’s one of my favorite books, it might just be true this time.

Honestly, there’s just something that speaks to me about the sketchiness of the font and words, and the wispy smoke-like fading of the smudged burns and the paint mixing together…ugh. I can’t explain it. The aesthetic paired with the quotes and the chaos I’ve been personally feeling was a lot to process, but I was glad to have this as an outlet.

I hope you all enjoyed this months spreads! Take care of yourselves and start a book you’ve been putting off this month. This is your sign. Do it.

Much love,

5 thoughts on “March: The Poppy War

  1. I love your spreads for the month, they look really pretty. and *hides face* I still haven’t read the poppy war yet, but I really really want to!


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