April: Jade City

It feels good to be back to blogging! It’s been really hard to blog lately because of all the chaos with online classes and my laptop in the shop, but I’m (hopefully) back and better than ever! April’s bullet journal theme was inspired by Jade City by Fonda Lee, and I took inspiration a little more literal this time around: a jade marbley ish background with various cities throughout.

I was really excited to experiment with the jade and gold mainly because I love those colors together, but I also had these images in my mind with some various jade jewelry pieces and a mirror I had lying around (something about reflective surfaces and the gold just gets me yenno). These three pages are just the first few spreads into the month and I don’t normally do a monthly intro but I wanted to use it as just another reason to paint and mess around with how to implement the gold – if you haven’t noticed yet, I love using gold paint in details.

Week one of April started out with a bang if I might say so myself. If you’ve seen March (The Poppy War) and January (Descendant of the Crane), both of the themes required quite a bit of delicate line work in the drawings and although I loved them, they got kind of tedious to draw if I didn’t spread it out over a few days. That being said, I did it to myself again with the cities, but I still wouldn’t change a single thing.

My birth week!! Much like the rest of April, this week was pretty hectic in the grand scheme of things, but reaching another year always sends me into a little bit of a whirlwind and for the most part, there was a lot of bolstering going on so. Also featuring one of my favorite quotes as a reminder that comparing myself to others does nothing for me!

This was one of my favorites of the month to draw, but I’m pretty sure that’s linked to how much time I put into making it. It’s been a while since I’ve done the boxes, but I always forget how convenient they are! For me, it takes up a little bit more space that I don’t feel pressured to fill up with doodles or paint, but I don’t actually have to do that much work.

I gotta be honest with y’all, I winged it with this one. The jade was not meant to be that big, wasn’t planning on squeezing in the cities like that. It was…a happy accident in the words of Bob Ross. However, this was also when I started to slip up a little bit, and for those of you who follow me on twitter, it’s been one hell of a ride.

On the bright side, ceck out the cutest cartoon versions of me and Lauren throughout the blog (huge credits to Marzi)! I’m starting to get myself back on track with everything so keep an eye out for some catch up posts within the next few weeks! As always, I hope you enjoyed seeing my bullet journalized version of Jade City, and I hope it inspires you to experiment with your art, whatever it may be.

And remember, you are second to none. All the love,

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