August: Spin the Dawn

It’s been a while since I’ve liked any of my bullet journal spreads (or done enough of them to actually post), so I was extremely pleased with myself when I not only made spreads for the whole month, but I made them early. It helps that this month was inspired by one of Love Yo Shelf’s all time faves and one of my current reads, Unravel the Dusk (going amazing btw, lots of ouch (: ). This month’s inspiration was none other than Elizabeth Lim’s Spin the Dawn. Scroll on to see my spin (ahahahahhaha) on this amazing story.

Leave it to me to do yet another intricate, time-consuming spread and make a mistake by not adding enough rows for all the weeks this month (time is a construct anyway – peep the added paper with writing on the back for the last week).

Surprise, surprise, my favorite spread to make was the one inspired by the laughter of the sun! With the 80 degree weather all week, and the reading spree I’ve been on, I’m thinking this spread is yet another reason to smile this week.

The blood of the stars sections were the hardest to make. I think the black paint I used didn’t stick very well so I needed multiple coats (for this week I used two before I said fuck it, and for the monthly page I used four coats of paint). On the bright side, I experimented with using some old thread on this one and I think I like it!

Our tears of the moon spread was pleasing to look at when I was done. The pictures don’t quite capture the extra silver glitter I added on top of the moons and clouds, but trust me, the sparkle is the cherry on top of this one. I cheated and used my little brother’s stencil for the moons, and I think they look a little like croissants, but I like that they make me laugh when I see them.

Making our final spread felt bittersweet; while the most time-consuming part was cutting out the day headers, painting and drawing is something that calms me as I learn to get better at it, and it was definitely a different style of drawing this month.

I hope y’all enjoyed the spreads this month, and I hope you get to read Unravel the Dusk soon (you can find Lauren’s review from her tour stop here)! I didn’t post last month’s spreads because there was really only one week and the monthly, but here’s a tiny look via my IG story, inspired by one of my July favorites, A Song Below Water. That being said, I’m not sure what next month will look like, but here’s hoping I find the inspiration somewhere, and wishing the same for you all.

Sending the power of the sun, the moon, and the stars your way.

7 thoughts on “August: Spin the Dawn

  1. orianna!!! this is absolutely ~gorgeous~!!!! i adore the little doodles and the spread just has such a fluid beautiful look??? please excuse how bad i am at describing things, but i love this!! ❤

    (also, not me looking through all your guys’ other bujo spreads and wondering if it’d be awkward if i commented now. u two are so talented, i’m highkey fangirling 😍)

    Liked by 1 person

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