September: The Wolf of Oren-Yaro

Hello again!! We’re just really on a roll here, aren’t we? I’m really pleased not only because I’ve gotten this month’s spreads done early again, but because September’s inspiration is one of my favorite books of the year. In honor of the Bitch Queen herself, as well as the release of The Ikessar Falcon this month, I give you one of my most ambitious journal themes thus far.

If you’ve noticed a trend with my past few themes, I rarely do faces. I’m very much a self-taught “artist” so faces and proportions are by far my biggest struggle, but I’ve been wanting to do this theme for quite a while now and figured there’s no better time!

Feel free to ignore my little fingers holding the pages at the bottom! I’m getting towards the end of my journal and we took a trip to the coast so the pages were just blowing all over the place.

I don’t normally show my habit tracker page because I tend to use the same layout, but I did use this page to sketch a generic wolf just to sort of…build confidence? (it didn’t but it was worth a shot)

I also am trying out a “notes to self” page because usually I’ll have sticky notes and little scribbles in my margins with reminders and such, so I’m hoping this will help me organize the chaos a bit.

Featuring a legless crab that Aiden suggested be in the photo.

I feel fairly good about the wolves for this month! I’m not quite at the point where I feel like I can do human faces justice yet, so I took a much more literal approach (pun semi-intended) to the book’s title.

I initially wanted to do a meaner looking wolf to tie in to the quote on the left, but I couldn’t help but do a little “awoo.” I maybe sort of did cheat a little bit by tracing the shapes (because again, proportions are not my jam), but we’ll just forgive that little bit.

All of the weekly layouts are the same for this month just because the font takes me a bit to handwrite and I didn’t want to overcomplicate the overall simplicity of the visual. I typically try to match the font with the mood of the book and with the high-intensity of The Wolf of Oren-Yaro and The Ikessar Falcon staring me in the face, I decided the refined regal style helped tie in the rest.

At this point, I was starting to run out of filler things when I was going through my annotations and found one of my favorite quotes from the book. Obviously too long to make it a focal point, I turned to my trusty sidekick: burnt edges! I love the feel of a letter that’s been read over and over before the writer finally burns it for whatever reason. And having some of the words partially burned off or singed??? I will forever nerd out over words that are never said.

All in all, this was definitely one of my more difficult themes to execute, but I feel fairly proud and accomplished looking back at it! I’m hoping to practice more as I start to kick off a new project that I’m really excited about (and I hope y’all will be too)! That being said, I hope you enjoyed yet again, and keep an eye out for The Ikessar Falcon coming out later this month. If you’ve got any books that you’d wanna see translated into a bookish bullet journal spread, send your ideas my way! I’m always looking for books that’d be interesting to interpret this way, as well as inspiration for the following months.

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