Review Policy

To contact us about potentially reviewing your book, please either send the following information as an email to or fill out a form on our contact page:

  • Your name and the title you would like us to review
  • A description of the book + genre
  • Release date
  • If you’re interested in doing an interview or giveaway

We both prefer physical copies when it comes to reading, but since there are two of us, we recognize that publishers may not always be able to send us individual copies of a book. To be more eco-friendly, we’re happy to share a physical copy of a novel (preferred), but we also accept e-galleys as well. If a novel is sent to both of us, we will post our reviews as soon as we’re able, although there may be times when only one of us has the availability to write up a review. You can request for Lauren or Orianna specifically to review your book; otherwise it can be reviewed by both of us or whoever is interested.

Disclaimer: Our reviews will always be an honest reflection of our thoughts on a book, which may mean unfavorable or 1-2 star reviews.

Genres we prefer are: fantasy, science-fiction, historical fiction, contemporary, romance, retellings/mythology, etc. – we’re pretty much open to anything, as long as it’s not non-fiction!

Lauren’s Rating System:

  • 1 star: I did not like the book and struggled to get invested in the characters/story; there may have been aspects I strongly disagreed with to the point where I had to stop reading
  • 2 stars: While I personally didn’t like the book, I could see how others might; there were multiple issues I had with the content of the book
  • 3 stars: The book was fine but I wasn’t too enthusiastic about reading it; I liked it well enough
  • 4 stars: I really enjoyed the book and would feel comfortable recommending it to others; I liked the majority of the book but there may have been some parts I didn’t connect with or like
  • 5 stars: I really connected with the content and characters; I LOVED the book and it is now a favorite of mine

There have been instances where I did not finish a book, but I always make sure to include why I decided not to finish the book and where I stopped reading. I’m never intentionally negative when reviewing a book, so even if I DNF one, I try to describe what I felt was done well along with the reason(s) why I stopped reading the book.

Orianna’s Rating System:

  • 1 star: I couldn’t find the concept interesting enough to get far (usually my stopping point is at least halfway)
  • 2 stars: Mildly interesting, but still took a long time to get through it; characters or plot written to make me “eh” (good concept, just “off”)
  • 3 stars: I liked it well enough, but some characters or scenes felt flat/rushed; didn’t feel any strong connections but perhaps a good lazy day read
  • 4 stars: I enjoyed reading it; most likely there were a few parts that moved quite slow/seemed unnecessary
  • 5 stars: I loved the book and it has left a long-lasting impression, will EASILY re-read multiple times (bonus if I can say I’d read the book to future children/scholars)